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General Information

Mazatlán is also known as the "Pacific pearl". Due to its natural attractions, paradise beaches, the abundant sea life, weather, gastronomy, culture, activities, sports, architecture and night life it has become a favorite place for vacations.

Located in the northeast of the Mexican Republic, in the state of Sinaloa, it is 21 km south from the Tropic of Cancer, between the meridians 105° 56' 55" and 106° 37' 10" west of Greenwich meridian and between the parallels 23° 04' 25" and 23° 50' 22" north latitude. The weather is exceptional year round, tropical sub humid with an average temperature of 22°C from October to May and 29°C from June to September.

Mazatlan, as a tourist destination, combines the sun and beach with the architectural beauty of Historic Downtown. Neoclassic and French baroque details and finishes giving Mazatlan its uniqueness from the rest of Mexican tourist destinations. Mazatlan's Historic downtown, better known as "Viejo Mazatlan" was declared National heritage site by the Mexican Federal Government in year 2001.

Modern hotels and restaurants are part of the spectacular Zona Dorada. There is more than 10 km of pristine beaches like Playa Norte, Playa Gaviotas and Playa Venados and ideal to practice surf, scuba diving and sport fishing for Swordfish and Marlin.

Here, you will also find places filled with exuberant natural resources, as the Cerro del Creston, where you can practice activities as ecotourism and hiking. At the top you will find the lighthouse, considered the second highest natural lighthouse after the one in Gibraltar. If your interest is in golfing we have ocean view golf courses available. You will also find two marinas that provide docking and maintenance services for all kind of watercrafts.

Among the cultural and sports event held in port are the Pacific Marathon, the "Festival Cultural de Mazatlan" and "Festival de Sinaloa de las Artes" and the "Carnaval de Mazatlan". One of the most famous carnivals in the world. It lasts for one week where you can dance the "tambora" rhythm while you enjoy the joyful parade.


The location makes Mazatlan one the most accessible beach destination of Mexico by air, land and sea. If you are using your own vehicle we have modern highways available from north to south with toll rates adequate for quality and with security provided.


Highway 15 Mexico-Nogales gives you the opportunity to interconnect with many highways from the south, center, occident and north of the country. The scenery and contrasts you will find along this route will have you enjoying the road, you can use toll or free roads. The Pan-American 40 high way, is the road that connects Mazatlan with the north and northeast of Mexico, this option is full of contrast because the road on the Mazatlan-Matamoros stretch has all kind of scenery, from desert, mountain and arriving to the coast south of Mazatlan.


Mazatlan is within reach for everyone.All main connections can be made in Mexico City and Los Angeles, California. There is of course, the option of charters, however, Aeromexico, Continental Airlines, Magnitours, Volaris, etc. connect Mazatlan to the main cities.


Mazatlan offers the option to use a ferry to and from the Baja California South Peninsula.


Mazatlan's food is notable for using ingredients coming from the sea. We creating traditional dishes like the shrimp or fish machaca, shrimp tamales, fried shrimp tacos and the famous "aguachile", a mix of cucumber, lemon, piquin pepper and purple onion with raw shrimp.

Local Transport

A few things with more tradition than the Pulmonias, perhaps, the best known symbol of Mazatlan in the world. The pulmonias were created thanks to the decision of a company that closed in Mazatlan. When the York Company closed, left three motorized tricycles and with this changed the story of public transport in Mazatlan.

The man who bought the tricycles and turned them into a legend is called Miguel Ramirez Urquijo, who was the predecessor of the two groups existing now; who hold more than 300 pulmonias.

The pulmonias have developed their own story and from the motorized tricycles that used to be they became modern imitations of luxurious cars, made of fiberglass.

The tourists prefer them over any other transportation service. Its image is the free souvenir for millions of visitors.

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